Weill Cornell Medicine – School Profile and Medical Student Interviews


Annie Yau, MS1

Mission Statement:

The Weill Cornell Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences are committed to
excellence in research, teaching, patient care, and the advancement of the art and science of
medicine. To this end, their mission is to provide the finest education possible for medical
students and students pursuing advanced degrees in the biomedical sciences, to contribute to
the lifelong education of physicians throughout their careers, to conduct research at the cutting
edge of knowledge, to improve the health care of the nation and the world both now and for
future generations, and to provide the highest quality of clinical care for the communities they
7serve. Success in any of these contributes to success in the others.


In 2010, in response to emerging innovative medical technologies and rapidly advancing scientific discoveries, a committed group of faculty, students and leadership began to plan our new curriculum, which began with the incoming Class of 2018.

From the Weill Cornell SOM Website…

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Curriculum Highlights:

LEAP (Longitudinal Educational Experience Advancing Patient Partnerships) is an innovative program that allows students to participate in the healthcare experiences of assigned patients who reside in their community, from the beginning of their medical school experience and continuing throughout their four years of medical school. First-year students are generally assigned two patients initially (this number may increase over four years). Students are expected to engage with their patients at least once a month, ideally in the context of a medical office visit, hospitalization, home visit or phone call. 

The Areas of Concentration (AOC) Program is a major component of the medical school curriculum. It is designed to provide opportunity for each student to select an Area of Concentration in which they can obtain in-depth knowledge, skills, and scholarly effort, culminating in 6 months of dedicated time to conduct a scholarly project under direction of a faculty mentor.

Location – Cornell is located in New York City. The facilities are situated on the upper east side of New York City and sit at a walking distance from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Carnegie Hall, the Museum of Modern Art, the Frick Collection, the Asia and Hispanic Societies, and a plethora of art galleries. New York City headquarters the National Football League, Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and Major League Soccer. The area hosts more major league sports teams than any other part of the united states. Students have easy access to the subway, making the city accessible…one could make short day trips out of visits to the Chinese markets in Flushing, Queens one day, to a Russian bathhouse in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn the next.  

Grading Scheme: First 1.5 years:  “Pass”, “Marginal” (a non-passing, interim grade based on less than satisfactory performance in one or more components and/or activities comprising the final grade), or “Fail” (below satisfactory performance in all or a preponderance of the components and/or activities comprising the final grade), Clinical clerkships: “Honors” (outstanding performance), “High Pass”, remainder as above.

Match List: https://library.weill.cornell.edu/sites/default/files/match_list_by_specialty_deidentified_2021.pdf