Rush Medical College – School Profile and Medical Student Interviews

Student Interviews:

Emily He, MS1


Rush Medical College is located in Chicago, Illinois. The most recent medical class was composed of 138 medical students from over 30 states and 77 unique undergraduate institutions. Roughly 25% of interviewed applicants were Illinois residents. Affiliated hospitals include the Rush Medical Center, the Rush Copley Medical Center, John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, and Mount Sinai Hospital. The Medical College does not offer any dual-degree options.

Curriculum: The Rush Medical College recently underwent a major curriculum overhaul in 2017. During the pre-clinical years (Year 1 and 2), coursework is organized by organ system and emphasize the clinical application of the basic sciences. Students also work on patient communication skills and physical exam skills while developing an understanding of the social determinants of health, medical ethics, and health care economics. A cornerstone of the revamped curriculum is the flipped classroom approach basic science education. Instead of taking the convention didactic, lecture-based approach to learning, students are encouraged to practice greater autonomy through self-learning, using pre-prepared online material, selected readings, and faculty-guided small group discussion.

Curriculum Highlights:

— Interprofessional Education: Rush Medical College places a major emphasize on interdisciplinary collaboration and encourages students to work on interprofessional teams via their Interpofessional Education curriculum. This curriculum consists of both didactic, online content as well as in-person workshops held twice a week. Students are assigned to teams consisting of at last four different professions in which the apply profession-specific knowledge to the holistic treatment of particular patient. The case-based practice is intended to help students understand the factors at play int he treatment of patients with chronic, complex health issues.

— SWAT: Social work age training is an aspect of the Rush curriculum that demonstrates the institutions commitment to understanding the unique aspects of treating an aging population. Bi-monthly ‘lunch and learn sessions’ are held to discuss health policies and practices related to the care of senior patients and their relevance to the future practice of students. A variety of healthier professions including nurses and social workers are encouraged to join to foster an interdisciplinary spirit and discourse. Several other programs including CATCH-ON (Collaborative Action Team training for Community Health – Older Adult Network) further demonstrate Rush’s dedication to care for the worlds older population.

Location: Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States and thus, understandably, is a lively city for the burgeoning medical student. Located on Lake Michigan, Rush Medical College is surrounded by a variety of nature and cultural venues including Art Institute of Chicago , Adler Planetarium, the Museum of Science and Industry. Chicago is home to a large number of professional sports teams including the Bulls, Cubs, Bears, and Blackhawks. Rush is in close proximity to some of the highest ranked medical systems in the world providing students with a variety of premier venues to rotate through. Public transportation is provided for free to students making commuting options affordable and accessible.

Grading Scheme: 1st Year: Pass/Fail, 2nd Year: Honors/Pass/Fail, 3rd and 4th Year: Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail

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